About Us


In 1607 the first European settlers came to Maine and left 14 months later.  Not everyone can be a Mainer.  This site is dedicated to those people who have opened their heart to this beautiful state.  Please take a moment to browse your favorite town and find a statement of place to connect with.



Whether you are born and raised or just loved your vacation in Maine this site is for you.  Remember growing up in your home town, enjoying the coast, hiking through the woods, canoeing on the river or spending time in the town square.  If you were a vacationer, you came to Maine for its natural beauty, small towns and coastal charm.


Sometimes it’s a place or a name that can fill you with the sweet nostalgia of a time gone by or the wondrous hope of a time to come.  Enjoy that feeling with every sip of coffee, walk to the beach your new bag or when donning a comfortable sweatshirt.  I grew up in this state and hope a small sentiment can bring the feeling of pride that exists for me for this great state of Maine!